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BraNed consult´s services


Digital transformation finance



>> From finance strategy consultancy up to full implementations of RPA/ RCA projects and implementations of: process improvements, audit activities, full Capex cycle, professionalized and structured planning and control cycle, forecast and budgeting tool implementations, P&L and KPI dashboard development and data warehouse implementation management.

Interim management



>> Hands on managing of Finance departments, using extensive experience gained in multinational companies. Improving employee engagement and satisfaction by coaching and empowerment. This is an interesting alternative to cover temporary periods with absence such as pregnancy leave or sabatticals.

Reorganizations, recoveries



>> Analysis of the current situation and target setting (incl. enablers, critical success factors and investment requirement). Planning and managing of complete reorganization projects resulting in P&L, Balance Sheet, Working Capital and Cash Flow improvements.

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Facilitating multinational companies running their business in Brazil (and vice versa)



>> From advisor for company management to hands on problem solver with regards to communication and cultural misunderstanding difficulties, translating company wide policies to the local situation, facilitating mutual understanding of local customs and implementing company policies in foreign subsidiaries.








BraNed consult helps companies and organizations that:


- need to stabilize their finance function and reduce stress and employee turnover in the area

- are in need to (re)structure their finance function so it will be logical, gain efficiency and simplicity with clear roles and responsibilities

- need a senior interim finance manager due to sudden open (senior) positions in their finance function

- need help in digital transformation and/ or finance transformation processes with the goal to make finance a strategic business partner instead of a traditional ´finance operation´ department

- want to roll out RPA and RCA projects and need external help with this

- don´t have a good communication between their foreign (regional or global) head office resulting in inefficiencies, misunderstanding and loss of credibility

- need to reduce re-work in their finance area

- need to improve their audit results or set up, execute and embed audit activities

- are in the process of setting up their Brazilian subsidiary but run into issues with language and communications, not having ´hands and eyes´ on site and need a senior manager that has knowledge of both Brazilian and European practices

- need to roll out company-wide (international) practices or projects, but run into availability-, language- and project skill issues

- don´t have a proper capex process in place and need to set this up

- need (project) assistance or financial valuation skills in M&A projects

- don´t have the knowledge/ language skills and contacts to set up a foreign subsidiary/ partnership from Brazil in Europe